May 30 2023

The scientific focus of ComEc 2023 will be on key aspects of community ecology, including the impacts of global change on biodiversity, the role of species in communities, sustainability and resilience of natural communities to human pressures, insights into innovative solutions for biodiversity monitoring, mapping and analysis, and many other topics. Accepted work may range from applied modeling approaches to theoretical analyzes, from experimental approaches to data collection and analysis.

Apr 28 2023

A paper recently published on Biogeosciences investigates the Subsurface Oxygen Maximum (SOM) developing between spring and autumn in the Mediterranean Sea, by using the biogeochemical reanalysis of the Copernicus Marine Service. The SOM concentration (230 ÷ 250 mmolO2 m-3) and depth (30-100m) display a clear mesoscale variability and is associated with circulation structures, as well as biological production and density cap.