Oct 17 2018 to Oct 19 2018

The JONSMOD 2018 Conference will be held from 17 - 19 October 2018 in Florence, Italy and will be hosted by Consorzio LaMMA. 

The general theme of JONSMOD conferences is ‘Latest modeling techniques for shallow seas’. The intention of JONSMOD biannual conferences is to allow informal discussions and exchange alongside presentations. In particular, the conference aims to provide a friendly atmosphere to young scientists who wish to present their work to a qualified audience.

The main topics of interest to the JONSMOD 2018 conference will be:
  • Modeling of physical processes in shallow waters and regional oceans important for circulation, hydrography, regional ocean climate, waves, sediment transport, and ecological processes
  • Numerical methods including the use of structured and unstructured grid techniques;
  • Data assimilation techniques
  • Nesting techniques and open boundary conditions;
  • Needs and use of remote sensing data

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