Jan 10 2022

The Ecological Modelling Group (ECHO) of the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) has just opened three postdoc positions for marine ecosystem modellers. The formal call is available at the website https://www.inogs.it/en/node/1799. The deadline for application is 21/01/2022. A brief description of the three positions with a summary of the relevant information is in attachment. For general scientific enquiries regarding the positions, please contact: Stefano Querin (squerin@inogs.it, position n. 1), Simone Libralato (slibralato@inogs.it, position n. 2), Paolo Lazzari (plazzari@inogs.it, position n. 3). For specific (administrative) enquiries about the call, please contact concorsi@inogs.it



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