Short-term forecasts of the Mediterranean Sea (Med-Biogeochemistry) are produced by the OGS ECHO research group by means of the MedBFM model system, which is off-line coupled to the NEMO-WW3-OceanVar hydrodynamic-wave model managed by the CMCC. Med-BFM system consists of the coupling between the OGSTM transport model and the Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM). Additionally, the 3DVarBio is the data assimilation scheme for the correction of phytoplankton functional type and nutrient variables.

Spatial resolution is 1/24° horizontally (about 4.5 km), and vertically from 1.5 m at surface to decameters in deep layers (i.e., Z* 125 vertical layers).

The forecasting system is automatically run at the CINECA supercomputing centre (Bologna, Italy). Ten days of forecast are produced daily. Analysis is performed once a week, with assimilation of surface chlorophyll satellite observations (provided by the CMEMS Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Centre managed by GOS-ISAC-CNR) and of in situ chlorophyll and nitrate from BGC-Argo floats (provided by the Coriolis Data Assembly Centre.

More information in the Quality Information Document for Med biogeochemistry analysis and forecast product.

Additional information on the MedBFM model system can be found in the following scientific papers:

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Fig.1 - Scheme of the BFM model

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